Restaurant Maison Rouge - 9, rue des Ecoles 68000 Colmar

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The Chart

Our Desserts

-Homemade caramel cream5,90 €
-Crème Brulée et sa glace7,80 €
-Pie5,25 €
-Chocolate Walnut Brownie7,20 €
-Chocolate mousse6,85 €
-Profiteroles7,95 €
-Morello ice cream, fruit sauce, meringue, whipped cream7,20 €
-Homemade Kougelhopf ice cream7,40 €
-Praline ice cream, meringue, Caramel sauce, whipped cream7,20 €
-Vanilla ice cream, hot Chocolate Sauce, whipped cream6,80 €
-Ice Cream6,60 €
-Gewurztraminer brandy9,10 €
-Rasberry with rasberry brandy8,80 €
-Plum with plum brandy8,80 €
-Bitter cherry with brandy8,80 €
-Café Gourmand7,35 €
-The cheese portion(Munster, Camembert, Goat Cheese or Roquefort)5,20 €
-The Cheese assortment7,45 €
= Avec Porc= Végétarien = Fait Maison