Restaurant Maison Rouge - 9, rue des Ecoles 68000 Colmar

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The Chart

Our Dishes

-Sauerkraut with fish21,50 €
-Sauerkraut with salted meat18,50 €
-Ham on the bone(Accompaniment: Fries, fried potatoes or raw vegetables).14,90 €
-Cream cheese with garlic and parsley with fried potatoes and ham on the bone16,20 €
-Vol au vent15,60 €
-Beef cooked in broth - vegetables salads14,95 €
-Veal scallop stuffed with ham and Munster cheese19,80 €
-Tartarsteak with french fries19,50 €
-Wine fondue, Salad, French Fries Fresh, 5 sauces19,95 €
-Broth veal head with french dressing, vegetables salads15,55 €
-Veal scalop with mushrooms, homemade spätzle (alsatian pasta), vegetables19,10 €
-Sirloin with parsley and garlic butter19,95 €
-Beef Tenderloin with schallots sauce23,50 €
-Beef Tenderloin Rossini26,20 €
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